Healing The Warrior Program (HTWP) is a model treatment program for veterans including a treatment program for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). We holistically treat the mind, body and soul of our warriors by addressing the core issues relevant to each veterans healing process. Our first task is to address the physical health needs of the veterans and their family. We make use of world class healers as part of a team who are spirit-guided, heart-centered and extremely competent in their field of practice. Health products are available that can detoxify the body of radiation, bio-chemicals and other toxins found on the battlefield.  Next, we focus on the psychological and emotional wounds of our service men and women.


Conventional medicine and lack of resources cannot address the magnitude and severity of the health problems of veterans. Healing the Warrior Program is a bold approach and is needed because the current system is not able to address  all of the Veterans issues. No other program in America has the level of skill, expertise and vision to help our Veterans. We owe our veterans the best.  Let’s give it to them!


Specifics About The Program

Healing The Warrior Program (HTWP) believes that recruiting world-class complimentary health care workers and healers along with obtaining the best diagnostic, assessment and treatment equipment will guarantee superior results. The name of our treatment program is called Healing the Warriors. The veterans need a holistic-body, mind, spiritual approach. They need to be seen by spirit guided, heart centered, competent professionals that can work as a team. It is exactly these types of clinicians and healers that do not work for institutions because of their restrictive nature. These world-class healers have their own clinics, practices or institutes and they are trainers of others. Just have a massage therapist or counselor is not enough. The veterans need masters and they deserve nothing less. HTWP will provide superior holistic outpatient diagnostic, assessment, and treatment.


The master healers and clinicians would focus on seven areas:

1. Cellular Reconstruction/detoxification work

2. Emotional/psychological healing using a number of different models-trauma specialists.

3. Connection to Source technologies:


Yoga and meditation

Music, dance, and art therapies

Sweat Lodges

4. Family healing and reintegration

5. One week Intensive of Life skills Training to teach how to harness the power of the subconscious mind for setting goals, resolving negative memories, stabilizing emotional states, and purposeful visual imaging. The veterans will be taught over fifty different skills fro harnessing the power of their mind.

6. Provided to each veteran at the end of their program will be a year long program for goal setting and tracking goals provided by the Success Motivation Institute. The veteran will be able to participate in support groups of SMI which are held through the US.

7. Veterans will be provided with a tele-series package entitled Ending Self Sabotage which is a four week audio program.


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HTWP will provide superior services because of the quality of staff it employs, the kinds of treatment it offers and the environment in which these services are provided. HTWP will provide full comprehensive medical workups to each veteran that attends the program. They will have one exam before they enter and one before they leave. This will provide the world with scientific verifiable medical data on the superior effectiveness of this model. These results will inspire others—individual, health care organizations and insurance companies to revisit their practice, policies, procedures and product lines. Financing is available with no interest for the first year in most cases.


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